Essay about Christian Martyrs And It Makes Pretty Grim Reading

Essay about Christian Martyrs And It Makes Pretty Grim Reading

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This is a book all about Christian martyrs and it makes pretty grim reading. Basically, it is all about people who were persecuted for their faith and underwent incredible suffering and hardship before dying in some of the most gruesome manners possible. In fact it is an incredibly depressing book and one that as a Christian I found very hard to read. Mind you, it is not something that we of any faith or persuasion should ignore, especially if we live in relative security, because we should always remember those who came before us who suffered and died for the freedom that we enjoy today. As somebody once said, the tree of faith is watered by the blood of martyrs.

However I do find books and articles like this to be a little one sided at times. Look, as I have said and will continue to say, we cannot ignore the plight of those who suffer and die for their faith, especially today, however we cannot be too focused on them since it can distract us from the bigger picture. Also, we can become caught up in the stories that this book tells us and think that the only people who are persecuted are Christians. Before I go on to discuss the implications I better outline some of the background and context of this book.

John Foxe was writing in the 16th century, during the early years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, which means that he would have lived through the reign of the queen known colloquially as Bloody Mary. England had just gone through a reformation after King Henry VIII had split from the Catholic Church, one reason being for divorce, but more likely a political move to strengthen his sovereignty over England (because up until then the Pope pretty much called the shots). While King Edward moved the reformation forward to free t...

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...uals and preach hate sermons against Muslims? Absolutely not. Okay, while I may not agree with homosexual practices, I still love my homosexual friends and will stand up for them, in the same way that I love my Muslim friends and will stand up for them as well. I have been to churches where they preach hate sermons against Muslims and I believe that it is not only appalling, but incredibly offensive. Just because we don 't agree with them does not give us the right to target them and hate them. While many Christians claim that homosexuality is an abomination against God, guess what is a real abomination against God? Using his name in vain, and not crying out 'oh my God ' when something happens, but making statements of God 's behalf, and preaching in his name when he never, and would never, do or say such a thing. That, my friend, is the real abomination against God.

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