Christian Images of Power and Humility in Rudolf Seño’s Superman and the Child

Christian Images of Power and Humility in Rudolf Seño’s Superman and the Child

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In the context of 21st century, Christianity is at its peak of dominance as one of the world’s religion. The upsurging character of growth which pertains to man’s search for his ideal self and God are very intriguing issues since time immemorial up to our present age. This paper presents the paths of how to blend the extremes of power and humility into well-stroked proportions in the context of Christianity. Closing the gap between the peak of greatness and the chasm of humility becomes the main theme in understanding man’s mundane pilgrimage. The exposition of human characteristics as drawn out from Superman and the Child lays the foundation to self-discovery and realization of the divine.
Keywords: Power, humility, values, Christianity, Self, Knowledge
Who am I? This is but a very compelling brace of inquiry that binds the scattered pieces of our humanity. Every fiber of veins that carries our blood hangs on this enduring timeless question. Our humanity is deemed to be the most powerful beings for we share in the image of the mighty architect- our Creator. The strings of courage which recognizes our identity as human beings plays a very fascinating rhythm and tone of harmonious living in the context of Christianity. But then, life is a paradox—a puzzle. Since the dawn of ancient civilization, man timelessly longs for the understanding of his own being, his strengths and weaknesses. And so, Socrates, a well-known philosopher of all time, was able to formulate his famous dictum—Know Thyself. Man, in his struggle in this mundane existence, always finds something which can fulfill his destiny, that is, the realization and explosion of all his powers from the towers of rationality and will to the doorsteps of good and right actions....

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...prisoned, whipped, slashed, beaten, stoned, shipwrecked, hungry and thirsty (2 Cor. 11:23-27). But aware that he is not perfect yet, he says, I have not yet won…I am still running…I forget the past and I strain forward for what is still to come. I am racing for the finish, for the prize to which God calls us upwards to receive in Christ Jesus” (Phil. 3:13). We know that just like the child who is incomplete, we strive to become complete by straining towards the finish line. This, I believe is being a child who walks towards God’s kingdom but still in the world that admires Superman.

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