Christian Hip Hop And Rap Music Essay

Christian Hip Hop And Rap Music Essay

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Christian hip hop and rap music being played in the church has become a relatively hot topic. We take a look at two different sides of the argument and we also have the opportunity to form our own opinion based on the information presented to us. The article on Christian Post is more open-minded to the idea of the hip hop genre being accepted in the church. The Gospel Coalition article is something like a documented forum interview. There were sixteen different opinions listed in the Coalition article, and surprisingly enough, ten of them were in favor of Christian hip hop being incorporated in the church. The six interviewees that were against hip hop were there in person and the others recorded a video to send into the forum. In my opinion the argument of those present was probably more persuasive than the persons on video chat. Christian Post breaks down the basics of Christian rap. He explains that it isn 't just about the fancy things in the hip hop world, and the sinful achievements rappers are often out to get. It’s about their story and their culture. Expressing how one feels in a way that is comfortable to them is how I view rap and hip hop. For example, lets say that you want more young people to come to your church event. Would you have a cookout with Christian hip hop music, games, and food? Or would you have a three hour bible study with hymnals playing, and a prayer that lasts over fifteen minutes? I see the author of the Christian Post article generating ideas for the young people to come back into the church and fully support her position. From reading all of these opinions I have learned one thing about everyone who voiced their opinions; they love God. Some people care so much about working hip hop into the churc...

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...way out of a negative situation. Danny calls us all to recognize that one thing that keeps us sane and work together to make life easier for each other in the middle of the second verse. In the line right after he tells us to work together and find our niche. He says, “Even Vegeta made it to be super saiyan” meaning anything is possible for any one of us if we are so disciplined in our mission.
We wanted to make something that was influential to our age group and easy to relate to. The purpose of this song was to use hip hop as an avenue to promote positive behavior and open the minds of young men like us. We are rebelling against the standard set for us and rebellion is hip hop. Being comfortable with our young men dying in the streets everyday is nonsense, and it is our job to rebel against that. Astral Planes is hip hop, from the production to the lyrical message.

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