Christian Faith Walk One Of Our Life Essay

Christian Faith Walk One Of Our Life Essay

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During our Christian faith walk one of our many goals is to reach entire sanctification, and to achieve a holy lifestyle of living. When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit is imparted into us, and we become a new creation. Therefore, the Holy Spirit is the one who God has given us to rely on to learn how to be perfected in love, and to teach us how to live a holy life.
Entire sanctification is the perfection of our love for God” (Powell, 2008, pp. 249), and “the cleansing of the heart of all sin” (Case, 2000, pp. 75). When Christians have achieved entire sanctification, there are no sinful or lustful thoughts or actions, and the heart is only filled with the Holy Spirit (Case, 2000, pp. 75). When believers of Christ get to the point where only the Holy Spirit is residing in their heart, they begin to live a holy life, and experience accelerated spiritual growth and development (Case, 2000, pp. 75-76).
When we experience entire sanctification, it is because the Spirit of Truth is walking, leading, living within us and guiding us into a holy lifestyle, and maturity begins to take place because of His presence (Case, 2000, pp. 73). The union between the Holy Spirit and Christians draws us into a deeper relationship with the Father. In addition, a “Life in the Spirit is a life of union with God, and a life of love and holiness” (Powell, 2008, pp. 245). Christians should strive to achieve the ability to love one another, as Christ loved us. Furthermore, being perfected in the love of God, and experiencing entire sanctification allows us to emulate a holy life. Jesus Christ explains to God’s children, “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love” (John 4:8, New International Versi...

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...el of repentance that maybe painful. We are drawing closer to God, because we become more aware of our sins, but it keeps us humble and being aware of our shortcomings consistently decreases the space between us and God, and we are able to live a holy life (Powell, 2008, pp. 256-257).
Finally, Christians must be aware that being perfected in love and living a holy life does not keep us from sin or temptation, and does not mean the end of our finitude. Through sanctification we overcome the power of sin, but we do not entirely escape the corruption of sin (Powell, 2008, pp. 254-255). Therefore, may we stay connected and allow the Holy Spirit to continue to pour out God’s Spirit upon us, and may we remember that “everything that takes place in our lives is an act of God’s love for us, and has come to further us along in God’s purpose for us (Packer, 1973, pp. 122).

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