Christian Faith, Heaven Is Helpful For Christians Essay

Christian Faith, Heaven Is Helpful For Christians Essay

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Believing in heaven for Christians means more than just seeing a pretty blue sky
with big radiant evaporated clouds around themselves. As that has been shown through
many generations in numerous glamorous of ways. In Christian faith, heaven represents
more than just a pretty picture. It relates to the four distortions; list of requirements, in
group/out group, ignoring this world, and selfishness. Christians understand these four
points when relating back to heaven.
One aspect that believing in heaven is helpful for Christians is that they follow
certain “rules” that they believe Jesus has sent them to do. So by doing those things,
they have greater hope that they will eventually end up in heaven. One of the things that
Christians believe they are obligated to do and are determined as well is to establish
society and justice. As Martina’s father in the movie of Babette’s Feast said, “Keep the
tradition within one another.” With this statement, it demonstrated that there are certain
things to take action upon, even if they are not the requirements that Christians believe
that have been sent from Jesus.
Another reason as to how heaven is helpful to Christians is that it puts them into
a group. Whether they are in the “in group” or the “out group”, they will strive to end up
being in the group that means something to them. When dealing with the “in group”,
they are the ones who have almost of the perks, as well as everything is for them. If a
Christian is in the “out group” then they are not as important as the others. Although
both groups deal with the afterlife, it is better known to be apart of the “in group” as
people are more socially and spiritually accepted. Both have their own ways of doing
things. There are those who actuall...

... middle of paper ...

... film where everyone
gave themselves to Babette. They may have not been familiar with her ways, but they
ended up adapting to her beliefs showing that they were not selfish when taking into
consideration the beliefs and values of another.
In conclusion, believing in heaven is helpful for Christians because it gives them
an incentive to be good and apart of the “in group”. The four distortions are just some
ways that demonstrate the actions of Christians. Heaven is the goal, aim, and purpose
for Christians. Salvation in transformation is for the Lord himself. Without it, all
Christians would not know how to perform. Through Christ it has been done and will
continue on. “We do not live to ourselves, and we do not die to ourselves. If we live, we
live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord; so then, whether we live or whether
we die, we are the Lord’s” (Rom14:78)

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