`` Christian Era `` ( Enotes ) Essay

`` Christian Era `` ( Enotes ) Essay

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“Christian era”(eNotes). This is almost kind of a showing what is left of the world after all the tragedy happened in the world and people starting to become individuals.
Life before and after the first world war; before the wars people’s lives were very controlled and could not say very much without putting there lives or families endanger from the law depending on where they lived. Then people started to have revolution to get rid of the old government systems in the area they lived in since the people were not happy with what the powers were doing or starving many of the places populations with high taxes so they ended up not having any money or food while the high powers have a wonderful life off of the people of their country. Then when most of the world had their own government in place he countries decided that they need to help out that did not have the means to become their own place. Then came the wars against nations since some nations became power hungry and did not elect the best people to run their country. “During the Gilded Age,before 1918 minorities were seen but not heard-especially so for woman”(US News) this is showing that before 1918 that the man and the maturity of the places location in the world had control. The war has changed the way we look at everything we do” Technology changed rapidly too following the World War l as well, with the growth of radio,phones and movies making it possible for more people to sell music, communicate and express themselves”(US News). What I have found during the research is that when the world is having problems like World wars’ the culture changes to fit the need of what is going on in the world, the people who try and change what culture is in the world have a better ch...

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... gone when you come loving for me. Last but not least is “The Second Coming” this is showing that we can move on from almost anything it is showing that even when we are down and out we can come back and put all the pieces together and be stronger as we move on in life and not letting anything get you down showing that we are the only ones that can really control us.
Modernism and population’s individuality was able to be shown during and continue to progress during the wars since there was not really anyone that was taking the time trying to stop the people that began to find themselves and have to make decisions on our own since the people government or who every was the controller was busy spending time trying keep the land and help each other out during this time of need where the governments were fighting one government that was not happy with being at pease.

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