Christian Discipleship : Christian Faith And Practice Essay

Christian Discipleship : Christian Faith And Practice Essay

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What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus Christ? While I’ve never really thought too much about it, I feel that it’s something that I learned subconsciously while growing up in church. After reading Lee Camp’s Mere Discipleship, I find that a lot of what I believe to be considered a part of being a disciple is in fact true, but I also find my knowledge about the topic to be greatly expanded and mostly cleared up from what I understood before.
After reading through this book, I feel that my thoughts on what Christian discipleship should be have been reinforced and somehow cleared up. Discipleship is central to Christian faith and practice because it is how the Christian message is shared with the world. Christian discipleship is not just about spreading the Word of God; it is also showing the world what being a Christian really is. Discipleship-focused faith should demonstrate how God’s Word is for everyone and knows no boundaries whether they are race, language, country, size, gender, etc. Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world, therefore, His sacrifice it to be shared with the world through our actions, as always, actions speak louder than words.
In chapter five Lee Camp discusses what he believes it truly means to “take up one’s cross”, based on what I understood, I agree with him when he says that taking up the cross involves having a “willingness to accept the suffering” that could be had living way Jesus did, and ministering to those who reject Him the most. In other words, when we truly take up our cross, we are showing the world that we follow Jesus, believe what he stands for, and are attempting to live the way he did so, much like Jesus, we will also have places where we will be welcomed and places where ...

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... will be willing to lose my job at a company because of the design being asked of me. While I honestly do not know what I would do in that kind of situation, it is something that is in the back of my mind since it was first brought up and, when that time comes, I will most definitely pray for God’s guidance through that situation.
After reflecting on this book, I have come to understand more about what it truly means to be a disciple. To me, being a disciple means being willing to sacrifice and put it all on the line for the name of Jesus Christ without worrying about what others might say. It also means standing up for those who cannot help themselves and serving those in need. Looking at where my life is right now, I can only have faith that I will be able to follow through with all of that and pray that God’s will is what leads my life to where he wants me to be.

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