Essay about Christian Church As A Force For Social Change And Human Betterment

Essay about Christian Church As A Force For Social Change And Human Betterment

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According to Dr. King the proper role of the Christian Church should be seen as a force for social change and human betterment. He makes specific points about how the Christian Church should still follow the same organized religion as they once did in the early Christian times. In the early Christian times we saw people risk their lives and even persecution to help build the world into a better place and create justice within. King argues that the Christian Churches are becoming irrelevant as they seek to maintain their status quo rather than to help encourage their church members to transcend their weaknesses. King being a minister, sees how the Christian Churches are choosing to support a group mentality of injustice rather than justice. According to King, justice is something that upholds the dignity of the human spirit while injustice is working against it. By the Christian Churches choosing to support injustice they are no longer forcing individuals to confront their failures and change.
The Christian Church according to King is merely just a “social club” without authenticity. Christianity has come to operate in tandem with social order (Cedar). This is what scared King the most, “American Christianity had come to baptize, indeed, sanctify, the social order of things, the white-over-nonwhite social relations” (Cedar). In King’s eyes the crisis of American life is due to the crisis of Christian life. In these Christian Churches, being a true authentic American, a true authentic citizen, and being a white Christian, were all being taken as the same thing. (Cedar). The way in which these churches are functioning is the same as the functioning of American society. The more Americans came to practice Christianity the more King s...

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...we want to preserve the justice we have lost in our society.
To begin closing our letter to you Dr. King, we would like to make it apparent to you that you have caused us to realize we have failed you as morals leaders and as moral men. We were ignorant to what has happened to you Dr. King. We should have never allowed our police force to attack nonviolent protesters or mistreat our prisoners. Before we did not fully understand the deep groans and passionate yearnings of the oppressed race. We were too fearful of challenging what seemed to be right in society at the time. As the men of the clergy we are ashamed of ourselves for warmly commending the police force for having kept order in our society by preventing violence. We have come to the conclusion Dr. King that we will allow you to have your nonviolent protests with full acceptance.
The Clergymen

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