Christian Beliefs Of Christianity And Christianity Essay

Christian Beliefs Of Christianity And Christianity Essay

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1. Christianity is considered “two religious”, which contains “head” and “heart” (Tallon, 113). “Head” is relate to cool and rational practices of Christianity, and “heart” is the “warm and emotional” practices. Apollo, the god of reason, represents “form, structure, rational thoughts”, and Dionysian represents “enthusiasm and ectasy”(Tallon,114). Christain’s thoughts varied because they have different approaches to Christianity. Some people would interact with Christianity by having in rational ways, such as watching a sculpture of Jesus since it takes serious thinking to build a formal image of Jesus. Some people interact with Christianity by emotional approaches, for example, some christians would sing psalms which appeals to instinctive chaotic emotions. The emotions in Christianity plays an “interactive” role because it allows christians communicate with each other.
In my opinion, hope and love are the main emotional states in Christianity. Christians are being taught by “salvation of love” (Tallon, 112). For Christians, Jesus is a person who is both human and divine. Many people see the existence and grace of God though Jesus, and accordingly, people see the meaning and hope of life. Jesus proved people that he “had the power of God to heal broken bodies and sick minds—he could cast out demons” (Matthew, 286). Jesus also died for people’s sins to save people. Therefore, Christians are convinced that they are “saved by God’s love, and commanded to love God and neighbors”(Tallon, 112).Through the feeling of love “Christians have understood themselves to stand in some relation to God” (Tallon, 112). God sacrifice his own son to save people from their sins. It makes Christians understand that one of their mission is to shar...

... middle of paper ... evil Jews when he was tortured by them, and as a results crucified to death. Jews also has religious hatred to Christians . Jews believe God hate liars, and their love to God make they hate Jesus because they believe Jesus is not the son of God. The Psalmist also says “I hate them(people who against God) with perfect hatred; I count them my enemies.” (Corrigan, 340). Jews think Christianity adore Jesus who is a liar and who is not admitted by Jews. Therefore, Jews interpret Christians as their enemies because God would count them as enemies. Behind religious hatred there are also many “civil authority and economic issues” (Corrigan, 336). Religious hatred is utilized as a way for people to express and release their extreme anger, and finally deep hatred to other social groups. Usually, these groups are categorized as different religious groups.

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