Choosing The Right Training Methods Essay

Choosing The Right Training Methods Essay

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In our team project we will be choosing the right training methods need to merge and self-direct our new work team. Choosing the right training methods can be difficult due to the five stages which are forming, storming, and norming, performing and adjourning. As a result each of the team member need to know their goals, skills and interests in laying out a plans which will be describing how we will develop our new team within each of the companies departments. Building team activity, coaching, delegating work and managing our talents will create successful planning which can be applied to our daily lives.
The paper serves as a blueprint for team building as the result of a merger. The concepts utilized are designed to bring about the inclusion of the personnel from the acquired company into the acquiring company 's structure. Some loss of personnel is expected. Resistance to the new ways of doing things is minimalized by addressing the new employees concerns and letting them know what to expect. Team training and individual coaching will inhibit confusion, reduce errors and build confidence. Assigning small tasks that are reasonable and attainable will slowly build the momentum for change to occur. Managements modeling the desired behaviors and policies will reinforce the new standards for the incoming personnel.

Forming Stage
As a group entering into a merger I would like to suggest that we introduce ourselves and get to know one another so that we can create leadership along with success. I know many of you are wondering what a merger is. Well a merger deal in unite two existing companies into one new company. There are several reasons why companies complete mergers, some related reason are commonly known to be for expan...

... middle of paper ...

...fle other responsibilities?
Once we consider those three things we need to articulate the desired outcome by keeping the end in mind and specifying the desired results. Also, we need to identify the constraints and boundaries of the individuals. When we delegate the work we will try to delegate to the lowest possible level in the organization. This allows those closest and most familiar with the work to be the best suit for the task (Mind Tools, n.d.).
One of the most important parts of the delegating process is to achieve full acceptance from the team members. If the individuals are not happy, or accept, the work then conflicts can and will occur. To minimize the conflicts it is important to delegate individuals into the work that are the most suited and qualified to complete the tasks. Once all these areas are address we should be able to have a smoother merger.

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