Choosing the Company of Your Dreams Essay

Choosing the Company of Your Dreams Essay

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A person seems happier when they are ready to go work at a company of their dreams. Yet, choosing a company is one of the hardest tasks that we have to face. I never have thought about the company of my dreams since, my dreams always keep changing and wanting to work in different other places and even different parts of the word. As we grow up we have to minimize those companies by different categories, such as the work field environment, location, and benefits in order to see which one is the best for our future plans. Walgreen's, which has 56 stores in the states and it is the company of my dreams and would be amazing to settle into as a Pharmacy Technician. This company is perfect for me since it supports diversity and culture, training programs and voluntary work, better yet the benefits and locations this company has to offer for their employees.
Walgreen's was the one that stood out for me was its diversity outlook and their corporate culture. While doing research about this company I came across the section of Diversity and Inclusion at Walgreen's, which I love one part of their paragraph, “Diversity isn't about tolerance, but acceptance. It is also not about what you look like, but rather about celebrating our differences and recognizing the unique value that every person brings to the organization.” This makes me happy to know that a company like this oversees looks and does not judge, they just value the skills the person is able to bring to the table and want the best work from each employee. Another thing I found was their core culture beliefs they have came up with “Be One, Be Real, Be Bold, Build Trust, Love Customers, Own It, and Live It.” This company wants the best for their customers and as well as employees...

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Having to pick the perfect company to work for, there are a lot of things we have to consider and if the company will work best for our abilities. Walgreen's works best for my abilities and gives me that challenge that I need in life to be successful and be proud of my achievements I have done while working there.

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