Choosing The Best For Our Family Essay

Choosing The Best For Our Family Essay

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Choosing the best for our family has been my mother’s top priority all her life even though that meant sacrificing her needs for ours. From leaving my father when we were young to bringing us to a new country, a completely different world rom what we all knew, she has unfailingly managed to be strong for my sisters and I. In all honesty, I never really understood or agreed with some of the decisions she made, but I knew she would never do anything to harm us in any way. Living in Mexico our whole life and making a big transition to the United States was not easy either. My mother wanted the absolute best for her family so she did everything in her power to better our life. Up to this day I continue to learn how to cope with it every day. The day I stepped foot in this country was the day I knew everything would change for my family and I, and that it was not going to be easy at all. We arrived from Leon, Guanajuato to Reynosa, Tamaulipas on a hot summer day, and I felt the sun caressing my face giving it a hint of color as if it could fix the paleness of my skin.
My mother had fooled my sisters and me into believing that this was a family vacation even though there was much more to it. Although for a small person she does carry a ginormous heart and kind soul. From the moment I remember recognizing her face for the first time, she has always looked the same as if she never aged. Her beautiful charcoal black eyes have such a penetrating effect as soon as I look into them, and her soft scent and caramel skin are definitely her most outstanding aspects. To make a long story short, I had to witness my mom sacrifice her life and safety for ours, and for a better future. I remember waking up the night before we were supposed to cross t...

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...will have pictured in my mind everlastingly. Everything got harder after this, from trying to communicate with other kids at school and trying to accommodate to our new lifestyle. I never prepared for this, for a new start in an unknown place. I never gave up though nor did I lose hope, I learned that our times of struggle are the avenue to realizing our full potential and having my mom go through what she did for us made me realize how a person sacrifices themselves and what they have such as our life in Mexico for a better life here, a greater future. The fact that we left everything we had behind for a greater future, and up to this day I have lived by that, and I have learned to stick to my word, to better myself when a great opportunity comes and never take those for granted. I am the person who I am today, thanks to my mother and to what she has taught me.

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