Essay on Choosing the Best Communication Channel

Essay on Choosing the Best Communication Channel

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Introduction to Choosing the Best Communication Channel

The ideas and definitions presented are summarized from the textbook, Canadian Organizational Behavior, written by Steven L. McShane and Sandra L. Steen (McShane and Steen, 2012).

Without understanding and using effective communication, a company would fall apart and be unable to survive. Communication is defined as, “the process by which information is transmitted and understood between two or more people” (McShane and Steen, 2012). The key part of the definition is that the communication is understood. Communication channels include electronic mail, web-based communication, social media, nonverbal communication (i.e. gestures and facial expressions), and other verbal communication media. This report will go over how to effectively choose the most appropriate channel of communication for a situation through the ideas of social acceptance, media richness, and communication channels and persuasion so that the message is best understood.

Social Acceptance of Communication Channels

Social acceptance is defined as, “how well the communication medium is approved and supported by the organization, teams, and individuals” (McShane and Steen, 2012). Social acceptance consists of three factors: organizational norms, individual preferences, and the symbolic meaning of a channel.
Organizational Norms

Organizational and team norms affect choosing the best communication channel by considering what is normal and tolerated within one’s organization or firm. Norms vary from company to company, so one might prefer the use of phone calls, text messages, or emails to transmit information back and forth, whereas another may not like to use technology to communicate back and forth at all,...

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...oyees need to look at the media richness aspect. If the situation is vital, irregular, and ambiguous the employees should meet face-to-face; if the situation is non-crucial, routine, and clear the employee could easily email the information out to people. Finally the employee should look at the persuasion aspect. Are they trying to persuade people into agreeing with them? If so the employee should meet in person so the persuasion is more effective.

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