Choosing: Good or Evil Essay

Choosing: Good or Evil Essay

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Intellectual development should start at birth and end only at death. "Albert Einstein
We exist and we want to know love, because we were born out of love and want to get out of this world with her. Love makes us discern between good and evil, good being the natural state of our nature, and evil - a state we gain whenever neglect good. We exist and we want to know the goodness of soul, because only she can make us live in harmony. We talk about diseases as evil that could be because we do not live in harmony with divine laws, which many of us do not know, ignore others, most notably the law of love, then the other: the law of adaptation, acceptance temperance, morality, of gratitude, etc.
But knowledge requires learning, feeling and understanding. Intensive Teaching, leadsto endowing the mind, open the wings of knowledge, such as bird wings open up to contain the air, and freedom of thought and expression of everything that we feel can lead to understanding. We can thus release and fear from our hearts, because nothing has frightened and do not frighten people more than what they do not understand.
Teaching about us and our world is the wealth for which it pays to strive to obtain it, and it cannot be stolen, since you acquired it, it is yours and it can make your life more beautiful and the world more beautiful, because beauty is the sum of the whole beauty of its component parts.
Our world is designed mathematically. Perhaps God saw that this world can be built based on some mathematical rules developed by the beauty of imagination related to the arts. A secret geometry underpins everything that we encounter in nature, in every flower, leaf, stone, etc. Philosophers of science have said that "The language that is writte...

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... amplified and can lead to real disaster. People are bitter, eager for revenge, they want to hurt or even kill souls. 'Smoke' obscures them!
What we choose for our lives? We want to be good, to live in harmony, or want to be evil, revengeful, to live in discord? Choosing beneficial spirit or evil spirit - damaging? The choice is ours, because, as has endowed us with wisdom and God gave us free will.
I conclude by pointing out a real fact: At a course of philosophy of a college student Albert Einstein, professor replied: "Evil does not exist, or at least does not exist in itself. Evil is simply the absence of God. It's dark and cold, a word created by man to describe the absence of God. God did not create evil. Evil is what happens when man does not love God. It's like the cold that comes when there is no heat or the darkness that comes when there is no light. "

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