Essay about Choosing Dale Doback And Brennan Huff From The Movie, Step Brothers

Essay about Choosing Dale Doback And Brennan Huff From The Movie, Step Brothers

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Numerous movies, books or TV shows have plenty of character that shows development throughout the course of their lifetime, series or whatever the case may be. In this case I decided to choose Dale Doback and Brennan Huff from the movie, Step Brothers. These characters play an enormous role in this movie due to the fact they are the step brothers the title was referring to. Brennan and Dale were both in their forties, they were both unemployed, still living at home, and self- centered, spoiled men. Neither of them had the slightest intentions of moving out of their parents’ houses. Brennan’s mother meets Dale’s father at a conference, there they hit things off. These two end up getting married and moving in with each other. Which was how Dale and Brennan become step brothers. Since Brennan was dependent on his mother, the two of them move in with their new family. This means all four of them reside together. Dale and Brennan do not hit it off at all. Being so similar one would suppose the two would like each other and connect. This was not the case. In fact, they despised each other. They did not make the slightest attempt in getting to know one another, in the beginning. This caused a strain on their parent’s relationship. As the movie proceeds a bond between the two begins to form. Also, changes in, both, Dale and Brennan start to occur.
This change started to rise when Dale and Brennan get into a full- fledged fight. After their parents broke the fight up, they were sat down and punished. Their punishment was they would have to get jobs. Brennan and Dale started to realize their parents are right. These two both went through identity development at this point. Identity development was when one begins to realize who they are...

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...the process of putting this whole event together, hiring his former step brother, Dale, to cater the event. As the movie progresses and the time for the Catalina Wine Mixer came, one can tell both Dale and Brennan had made some major life changes. They both acted their age and were incredibly mature men with successful jobs. These two went through major life changes and cognitive changes, realizing they were obligated to make something of themselves.
As various movies, books or TV shows have plenty of character that show development throughout the course of their lifetime, Dale and Brennan were prime examples of how their development impacted their lives. If they would have not gone through these multitude of changes they would not have had to make life changes for the better. These ways of development help shape a person and allow them to develop in a positive way.

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