Choosing an IFR Alternate Essay

Choosing an IFR Alternate Essay

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Choosing an IFR Alternate
During our usual flight, we need to obey the rules that published by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), there are two flight rules that we use to fly every day, according to the weather conditions such as the ceiling and the visibility outside, one flight rule is VFR (visual flight rules) and the other one is IFR (instrument flight rules), every rule has its own limitations and requirements for their own daily use. Like the visual flight rules, we usually use it because it is convenient, it does not require too much knowledge, when the weather is good and the pilot has the certificate, we can go fly. But what about the instrument flight rules, when the weather cannot allow us to fly with visual flight rules, we need the instruments to fly.
First of all, let us talk a little about VFR. Here is the definition of VFR: Flight rules adopted by Federal Aviation Administration governing aircraft flight using visual references to fly the aircraft. VFR operations specify the amount of ceiling and the visibility the pilot must have in order to operate according to these rules. The weather conditions during VFR are generally clear and enough to allow the pilot to see where the plane is and what is going on outside the airplane, it can help the pilot to fly the airplane without or not often seeing inside the airplane. The time that pilot use to look outside during VFR can be up to 80 percent or 90 percent or more, when the weather conditions are not very good, like it is very cloudy and the ceiling is just 1000 feet high and the visibility is no more than 1 mile so that the pilot cannot fly according to VFR safely, he or she must use instrument flight r...

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...fore each of our flight, it is necessary for us to choose one or several alternate. This is helpful for our safety. There are many stories and a lot of people had been died since the recently 100 years because of not following the rules. We need to learn something from this, then we can avoid these things happening again, maybe it can save many people’s lives. Choosing an alternate airport, it is quite important for us during our flight. None of us can find out the things that will happen in the future, so we had better to be well prepared. We can choose an alternate airport every time before our flight, so if we have something wrong with the weather or aircraft, we still have many choices. It is quite useful for our flight.
As far as I am concerned, we need to prepare for the flight very well every time. We need to choose an alternate airport ,it is very important.

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