Choosing A Phone Plan Is A Process That Involves Extensive Research Essay

Choosing A Phone Plan Is A Process That Involves Extensive Research Essay

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Choosing a phone plan is a process that involves extensive research. To many consumers, this research does not exceed the simple task of comparing prices. However, it is important to remember that there are many elements involved in finding a suitable phone plan. Being aware of them can alleviate some of the stress and confusion commonly associated with the process. Proper phone research requires comparing carrier plans and exploring multiple online resources.

Although it could seem like an intimidating task, taking the time to select a good phone plan is very straightforward and well worth the effort. Having worked in multiple wireless retail environments, I have seen how certain phone plans do not suit customers’ needs, and how it affects them. Since mobile devices affect daily life in tremendous ways, the importance of selecting a suitable plan cannot be stressed enough.

When selecting a suitable phone plan, one should ask themselves the following:

• What is my budget?
• Do I need a new phone?
• Family, or Individual plan?
• How good is the coverage?
• Would I prefer being billed, or paying for service in advance?

What is my budget?

When selecting a phone plan, one of the most important factors to consider is budget. A consumer should ask themselves what their maximum budget is to start, and how much they would be willing to pay monthly thereafter. Once those budgets are determined, it is time to begin the search for a phone plan that fits that criteria.

 Searching for a phone plan should begin with comparing the rates of different carriers. There is a wide variety of carriers that can be found online--many more than at a local department store. A full list of carriers could be found on a reputable, up-to-date website...

... middle of paper ...

... Changing a plan would mean breaking the two-year contact.

 There are less phones to pick from, because service is contingent on a compatible phone.

 There are more fees; notably, a costly termination fee.

Advantages of prepaid plans:

 Prepaid phone plans tend to be less expensive. A prepaid and a contract plan could be identical, but the prepaid plan will usually cost less.

 It is easier to switch phones and plans, because there is no contract.

 There are no credit checks.

Drawbacks of prepaid phones:

 Prepaid plans involve paying for the phone full-price. Although this ,may be done via installments, it will still cost more than contact installments.

 The coverage zone and network priority can be lower quality, and less priority to a carrier that also provides contract plans.

 Smaller prepaid carriers sometimes offer second-rate customer service.

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