Essay on Choosing A Major Is Such A Difficult Decision

Essay on Choosing A Major Is Such A Difficult Decision

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Choosing a major is such a difficult decision. During the second semester of my college education, we had to start observing teachers in elementary. This is the best way for someone to determine if one would like to go into the education field. It is especially important for prospective teachers because although you do not realize it as a student, teaching is a very demanding, burdensome job that requires patience and determination.
Although the American society is diverse in cultural or ethnic groups, one should expect this in a classroom. Due to the diversity, the classroom of students will have various levels of knowledge on the subjects being taught, and how they grasp those subjects. The educator is required to be able to inspire students and have a curriculum that reflects the learning styles of all students. I would say this semester has been helpful in providing various ideas for the classroom and methods of teaching.
During this semester I was given the privilege to observe a Special Education teacher at Gardner Elementary School that had students from kindergarten through fourth grade. Being able to observe this teacher taught me one priority in teaching is knowing who you are personally. I say this because the ability to understand and effectively communicate one’s needs to other individuals is important. Learning to become an effective self-advocate, especially for individuals with a hidden handicap such as dyslexia, is all about educating the people around you. This teacher had a student with autism that at the beginning of the school year would talk and rocked himself for comfort. However, now he is saying few words, doing much of his work, and not rocking. This teacher knew the students diagnosis and figured out h...

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...first century can be a hindrance, but one could use it to better their lesson which in turns can be exciting.
In conclusion, I am grateful for this experience as I hope it will motivate me to become an influential teacher. Teaching is a very diverse job that requires many skills and patience. It is important for a teacher to be able to maintain a healthy and professional relationship with their students, make the atmosphere of the classroom inviting, develop lesson plans that keep the attention of the students, and be a welcoming person capable of accepting the challenge to guide the students in respect, and knowledge. Being able to observe these teachers helped me to further my dream. As Dan Rather said, “The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called truth.”

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