Choosing a Major is Hard Work Essay

Choosing a Major is Hard Work Essay

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Choosing a major is the hardest thing to do its very rare that you think about a certain career and you stick to it till the end. However a lot of people change majors like if they were changing the trains or the buses because they are uncertain about what they want do and achieve in life, but not for me i knew exactly what i wanted to do since the day i realized my passion for computers. I am a student at Laguardia Community College currently majoring in Computer operations more specifically Networking and security. after recieving a degree in computer operations i want to transfer to SNHU which stands for Southern New Hampsphire University. i want go here upon graduating from Laguardia community college and pursue a masters degree in Information Technology more specifically in Internet security.

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To begin with it takes people very long to think about a career they want to or something they really want to do for the rest of their life well not for me easy to say. The reason why i was always interested in computers was because since I was a child i always wanted...

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