Essay on Choosing A Major Before Joining College

Essay on Choosing A Major Before Joining College

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Choosing a Major before joining College
Students who are joining college as freshmen are required to have a major course that they wish to pursue before they are admitted in the institution of learning. A major course is important in the student’s life in both college and the outside world as it is the determinant of the type of profession that a learner will venture in and the type of life the student will live when he or she is finally out of school. College students who do not have a major before joining college are usually disadvantaged in the learning process and might end up dropping the course because they do not enjoy studying the courses. Having a major before joining college is important because it causes students to take a longer time completing their studies.
College students should know their major before joining school because it is easier to choose classes when they already know their major. The “Chinese Students ' Choice Of College Majors” article by Bin Li who is an associate professor at Shandong Economic University explains that having a major before joining college makes it easy for a student to adapt to the college life because they will spend their time sorting other issues like accommodation and familiarizing with the college environment instead of worrying about the majors they want to pursue in school (36). According to Li, Students who know the courses they want to study when joining college have the advantage of better planning and time management (37). This group of students prepare their class materials in time with respect to the organization of the lessons. This is opposed to the group who come to school without majors who spend a better part of their first days in school worrying themselves about w...

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...joining college also give these students the advantage to familiarize with the school operation and administration as they go about the processes of changing their majors from one faculty to the other. But even with doing all these activities after joining, the students will have to incur a cost and also waste much time unlike those who had selected their majors before joining college.
In conclusion, by selecting their majors before joining college, students are able to avoid stressing situations, some financial costs, disappointments and loss of academic time unlike their colleagues who select the majors when they join college. All these issues help a student save the amount of time they spend in college since they are focused and know what to do when they join college. In short, it is must that the students should know their major before they join college.

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