Choosing a Major: Accounting at ULM Essay

Choosing a Major: Accounting at ULM Essay

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The One That Does It All
When choosing a major there are many options to choose from and many variables that can affect your decision. When looking at ULM's list of majors the first one alphabetically would be accounting. Everyone knows that is not a way to predetermine a major, but it is a coincidence that accounting is a very sound major. Accounting is for anyone with a business mind who likes to be around figures mainly dealing with money. Accounting can be fastidious at times, but with hard work very rewarding. The accounting major, part of the business college at ULM, is a good choice for students because it is a strong major at ULM and leads to fulfilling careers.
The accounting major at ULM is part of the college of business. There are many reasons why an entering freshman might would choose accounting. Dr. McEacharn, who received here BBA and MBA at ULM and has now taught here for over 25 years says, “The potential job opportunities are broad and boundless, and are not all directly related to accounting.” Accounting is imperative in the U.S. Workforce. All businesses, government agencies, and any nonprofit entities require an accountant. After obtaining a master’s degree, graduate school can help someone receive their doctorate. With a doctorate, a CPA (certified public accountant) license can be received after passing a test. A degree in accounting requires 120 hours at ULM, some of which consist of the basic core classes. The classes taken for the specific major will range through many various topics including: financing, business management, tax codes and laws, economics, and marketing (Baugh). There are many possibilities that could come from this major; which is obtainable at ULM.
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...t occurs and too many mistakes are made, jail time could be the end result. The work leaves very little room for even extremely small errors. Anyone who is up to the challenge should know that right here at ULM there is a successful accounting program. The major is very versatile. At ULM, the professors are top of the line. After college, there are so many options and so much room for advancement. If I ever were to change my major, I now know what my first option is going to be.
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