Essay on Choosing a Careers: Health Care Need For Animals

Essay on Choosing a Careers: Health Care Need For Animals

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Choosing a career, for many people, is no easy task. I have a passion for animals and ever since I was small, working with animals is all I have ever dreamed of. Unfortunately there are hundreds of jobs involving animals, making my career search a bit more complicated. After hours and hours of searching I have chosen two careers that have really caught my attention, a veterinarian and working at an animal rescue.
A Veterinarian tends to the healthcare needs of animals including a wide range of animals, depending on what size animals you choose to work with. If I were to become a veterinarian, I would be able to help so many animals by giving them things like medicine or performing a life saving surgery. In order to become a veterinarian you have to earn a doctor of veterinary medicine degree and also a bachelors degree would help my employment but is not actually necessary to become a vet. I am also required to take and pass the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam in order to receive a mandatory license. In order to become a successful veterinarian you have to have a passion for animals, you need good decision making skills to decide what treatments you need, and good interpersonal skills to communicate with the owner and staff etc, and manual dexterity and strong problem solving skills. The job outlook is supposed to be positive and is predicted to experience faster job growth, through 2020, than most other occupations that require at least a masters degree. The median hourly earning in 2011 was $39.86 and annual earning was $82,900. Becoming a veterinarian is by far not going to be easy, but the time, effort, and dedication that it will take will be worth it because I will be saving the lives or ending the suffering of c...

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... business as a veterinarian and if it becomes successful I can start an animal rescue with the money I make while working as a vet. I could work with rescue organizations to help them with sick animals or for checkups and vaccinations that are needed. As a veterinarian that could possibly start up a rescue would be the better way to go because I could save more animal lives. this would also help other people who love animals because i could let them foster some animals if they please therefore saving even more lives while giving the animals the attention the need. There is a chance that this may not work out but I have plans for the future and you can bet that I will work my heart out until my dream of saving millions of animals comes true. For me, there is no need to choose because I know that if I put my best effort in I can make both careers happen successfully.

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