Chomsky 's Theory Of Syntax Essay

Chomsky 's Theory Of Syntax Essay

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xplain Chomsky’s Theory of Syntax.
Chomsky’s view of syntax is also referred to as generative grammar. According to Chomsky, individuals attempt to develop a small set of rules that they then use to create any sentence in a language. His theory of syntax is considered to have a surface level and a deeper level, also known as surface and deep structure. The surface structure would what an individual says or writes and the deep structure is what is meant in the message that has been communicated. Chomsky believed that the individual using the language could change and transform basic surface structures into various communications to create different deep structural meanings. The words that are communicated at the surface level also have a deeper level of meaning, which can differ depending on the word use and meaning in the sentence (Essential Linguistics, 2011, p. 230).
2. Discuss the role of pragmatics in semantics.
Pragmatics focuses on using language in specific situations and how specific factors contribute to the meaning of the language exchange. Semantics focuses on the actual meaning of the word, phrases, and sentences that are being communicated. Pragmatics role in semantics is that it is used to determine which words to use to communicate and how to form those words into sentences for effective language use. Pragmatics aids in contributing semantic meaning to understanding language and in speaking language, and how outside influences can contribute to the meaning of the language exchange (Between, 2011, p.149-154 & p. 170).
3. Discuss the learning and acquisition views of spelling development.
The learning and acquisition view are different in that the learning aspect of spelling it taught through specific spelling ins...

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...and curriculum, learning more about each individual student, and through using transformative methods of teaching. By incorporating an ESL student’s language and culture into the classroom, they feel included in a personal way and they feel more comfortable, which in turn creates a more effective and deeper learning. In learning more about each individual student’s culture a teacher will learn how you can interact with that student in a way that supports them and increase their learning. It also helps to create a stronger bond between the teacher and the student, which creates trust and a feeling of security. Lastly, through incorporating transformative instructional methods, a teacher can help students explore real-world problems and different cultures that creates acceptance and understanding of the differences in individuals around them (Between, 2011, p. 74-75).

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