Choices And Types Of Lifestyle Essay

Choices And Types Of Lifestyle Essay

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Choices and types of lifestyle a young woman chooses help them to create their identity. However when the choices and the lifestyle chosen are affected by the various forces, it can create a fake identity of that young women. In “Selections from “Hard to Get: Twenty-Something Women and the Paradox of Sexual Freedom,” the author Leslie Bell insists that pressure from a young women’s traditional community and family create a complex situation for young women where they are forced to divide their choices and choose a lifestyle. The author writes about the uncertainty and lost identities of young women 's. Identity is a complex issue which can be divided into two parts; one being given identity and real identity. Given identity is best described by race, gender, family and all the other factor of life in which young women have no control over it. On the other hand, real identity is created by the choices and action of young women. Although choices and actions of young women help them to present an identity of themselves to the community, however if all those actions and choices are not made of their own will and desire then the identity becomes a fake identity or equivalent of not having an identity. To achieve a real identity young woman 's need to break past the notion of “splitting” and merge their different choices of life to unveil their true identity. When young women make their identity more important than their choices, that identity starts making choices instead of choices making a young woman 's identity.
Young women 's last for an ideal identity and future creates an invisible border which stop them from expressing their true selves, which lead them to have a false identity. Identity is not created based on perfection; it...

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...ver her life. She was feeling stronger with her decision making with her newly found identity rather than making decisions that were being driven by the bad girl image. Jayanthi and Alicia both proved that being flexible with multiple lifestyles can bring out a young woman 's real identity and also make them feel happy about themselves.
Identity is one most valued element in one person 's lives and everybody needs an identity. Identity is a way for people to express their true self and present it to others. Society’s value and rules convince us give priority to how other people sees us rather than expression our true self which contradict the idea of having an authentic identity. Also, sometime a person 's will of creating an identity that they want to have overpowered the will of expressing their true selves, which take away our chance of creating authentic identity

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