Choices : Analysis Of ' The Black Cat ' Essay

Choices : Analysis Of ' The Black Cat ' Essay

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The Consequences of Choices: Analysis of “The Black Cat”
People make decisions every day that they believe are inconsequential, that they will have little to no effect on their life. The repercussions of these decisions can and in the case of the main narrator in “The Black Cat” by Edgar Allan Poe these choices are detrimental to the path their life will take. Poe’s short story starts out as an average story where there is a man and a wife who have always shared a common love of life and animals; it is part of what united the couple. Through time the lives of the characters have changed dramatically, and not for the better. What was once a life filled with a care free happiness had now become a meek and dreary life with little love and laughter. The effects of ones’ decisions can have an immense impact on their overall quality of life, as shown by the main character in Poe’s story. What was once a happy life was drastically altered by a choice he made in a moment of weakness, a decision that once made he could not undo. Even small decisions and choices can have the ability to largely affect and alter the overall life of individuals, and those around them.
When an individual makes a choice they rarely think of the consequences that may come because of the choice they made. While in most cases the result is not as horrific as it was for the man in Poe’s story, they still have fallbacks. In the beginning of the story the past life of the man is discussed, which is where readers learn what he was like before. How he greatly cared for his wife, and his immense love for any kind of animal. Throughout life difficult circumstances can alter the perspective and ultimately the personality of a person, as shown by the man and is ever changin...

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...we find out that not only is the cat still alive, but also the cause of the wife being found there is a sense of satisfaction that justice has been served. That the choices one makes in life, whether it is positive or negative, always has consequences.
The choices a person makes will always have some sort of repercussion, it does not always have to be negative, but in the case of Poe’s story negative repercussions are inevitable. In the beginning, what seems as a normal husband and wife turned into a monster and a woman that was left with a man that was not the one she had married. Instead of seeking help the man’s condition and mental state continued to decline, and unfortunately for the wife, it resulted in her death. This story shows how in extreme cases just how treacherous making poor decisions continuously can affect an individual, and the people around them.

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