Essay about Choice Of The Model And Justification

Essay about Choice Of The Model And Justification

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Part1- Choice of the model and Justification
Effective teaching cannot occur without developing and implementing effective behaviour management plans. In this assignment, I set out to develop a plan based upon Glasser’s Choice theory and using the scaffold provided by Integrated Model.
The Integrated Model of classroom management provides a practical scaffold for developing a personal model of classroom management. I’ve decided to use the Integrated Model to develop my classroom management plan because it is a flexible model that can be used in a range of settings across the school. The model is suitable for beginner and experienced teachers alike, which means that I can continue to use it as my teaching experience grows and my personal philosophy of teaching evolves with time. This model provides the opportunity to continually reflect and revise the plan to ensure that desired outcomes are being met. The Integrated model has a number of interrelated elements with Ecological perspective being the ‘centre piece’ element. The behaviour is not seen in isolation and rather in the context in which it occurs. There is a lot of emphasis on the ecological factors that may influence behaviour as environmental variables influence personal variables reciprocally.
Part 2.1 – Key Theories and alternative models
Over the years numerous psychologists and theorist have contributed their ideas to the field of classroom management. The models that have been proposed fall into 3 main categories – Behavioural, Cognitive Behavioural and Psycho educational theories. Behavioural theories such as Skinner’s Applied Behaviour Analysis and Canter’s Assertive Disciple, involve a more teacher directed approach. The teacher has the authority to teach and i...

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... them to choose more appropriate reactions to those feelings. As they do so, their behaviours will change.
The reason why I chose to base my classroom management plan on psycho-educational theories is because they offer a student directed approach. In a classroom I see myself more as a leader than a boss. A leader works with the team and involves them in the process of decision making. I believe that a teacher is a facilitator that creates and continually adapts the learning environment to meet the individual needs of the diverse groups of students. . Building a positive relationship with my students is also very important to me and this understanding will help me to meet their needs. I particularly chose Galsser because his theory emphasises on positivity. I see teachers as positive role models who encourage students to become responsible and respectful learners.

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