The Choice Of Same Sex Schooling Essay

The Choice Of Same Sex Schooling Essay

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The Choice of Same-Sex Schooling
There is no doubt that the subject of same-sex schooling is becoming a very popular topic in today’s world, and it is happening a lot just here in the United States. Two Hundred and eleven public schools made single-sex classes available to their students in the year of 2006. (Thiers 70) There have been numerous studies regarding the subject of whether or not same-sex schooling is beneficial to students or not. Some studies show same-sex schools are of benefit, others say they are of no more benefit than coeducational schooling is, and still others say that same-sex schooling actually puts students at a disadvantage rather than helping. More studies show that same-se schooling was of benefit more than the studies that said it was of no benefit. This is why there should more same-sex schools available for parents to choose from for their children.
The first thing a parent must consider when making the decision of same-sex schooling or coeducational schooling is the benefits. In a study done at the Marina Middle School in California, some research was done to examine the effects of their schools same-sex classes. Without the opposite sex in the room, both boys and girls were more secure about answering questions and participating. Boys felt like since girls were around, they wouldn’t have to try and act smart, they could answer questions without the anxious feeling of a girl laughing at them if they got the answer wrong. The girls said that they had more time to focus on their school work, since their attention was not focused towards which cute boys liked them, or how pretty they looked. A survey was taken to see how the students responded to being in same sex classes. Only one of the girls said ...

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... 284) Skill building is necessary for picking the perfect job path when the time comes.
In the general scheme of things, same-sex schooling should be extended to more parts of the country. It has not only be proven to help the students focus and make better grades, but it help them discover their voice and realize their opinion matters. There is no doubt that same-sex schooling has its issues, all issues have solutions, and the issues with same-sex schooling could be resolved with the work of teachers and the school board. The reason why same-sex schooling has been such a popular topic, is because most studies have shown it to be so effective. Although coeducational schooling also has its benefits, the benefits of same-sex schooling are just greater/ making more same-sex schools available, would help those students who are not making it in the coeducational schools.

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