The Choice Of Responsibility And Freedom Essay

The Choice Of Responsibility And Freedom Essay

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Humans and many other organisms on Earth are able to decide whether to give or take life in as fast as a split second. With such an important decision to could affect the environment and society, one is to think each of us should be given the choice of responsibility and freedom to make this decision. We would like to think we are the architect of our own actions and are free to act and choose as we want. However, have we ever stopped and thought about the possibility that our daily actions are already determined by some higher being. Clarence Darrow, the lawyer for young men, Leopold and Loeb, who are tried for the ruthless and cold-blooded murder of a young child in the early 1900s, would like to think so. Darrow argues not for the innocence of these young men, but that they could not be held fully accountable for the responsibility of the murder. Darrow convinced the judge that the men’s act of crime were fixed from the beginning of time and should not be receive the death penalty since it was not an act of their free will.
Darrow’s stance would be thought crazy for anyone if they had heard it without context or idea. Darrow’s case could be supported with many arguments that all stem from a similar view. The view of causal determinism. Causal determinism states that everything that happens in the universe, including peeling a banana, is completely determined by prior events. And that there is only one possible future for you and me, a future which only a higher being knows of. According to Darrow’s argument, Leopold and Loeb’s actions from earlier events were what caused them to murder the young boy.
Another argument which cements Darrow’s case is the view on determinism and free will. It could be easy for the normal person...

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...ot because they are all puppets in another being 's world. Now, on the Leopold and Loeb’s case, I absolutely believe they are responsible for the murder of the young boy and no responsibility should be pushed aside to their ancestors or their surroundings. I trust completely that these boys knew what they were doing and they did it with their own free will.
There will always be Determinists and Libertarians, those who would believe in causal determinism and those who do not. Those who believe in free will and moral responsibility in whatever action we commit and those trust their future in a higher being. I, myself consider the actions I carry out, my own and no one else 's. I believe in taking full responsibility, whether it be moral or physical for my actions. Everyone else has the ability to do so as well, in the end, no one should be able to get away with murder.

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