The Choice of Next-Generation Biofuels Essay

The Choice of Next-Generation Biofuels Essay

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General Topic: Algae
Specific Purpose Statement: To inform my audience about algae being environmentally friendly.
Central Idea: Algae able to fight against the global warming, pollution, and climate change by consuming the polluted gas carbon dioxide (〖CO〗_2), purifying the wastewater and using bio-energy.
Algae able to fight against the global warming, pollution and climate change by consuming polluted gas carbon dioxide (〖CO〗_2) and convert to useful oxygen (O_2).
Algae able to fight against the global warming, pollution and climate change by purifying the wastewater and which lead to produce algae biomass and bio-fuel.
Did you all see something green floating above the lake? Just like when you pass by our FPE building. Did you all notice that there is some green particles attach to the rocks or stones?
The first impressions in my mind are what is that? Is that a type of plant? It seems very dirty, smelly and nausea. Because of my curiosity, I started to find out them.
It is a type organism called alga or algae. We can find algae anywhere like in the water, soil, rock, snow or even a cloud. According to the Google book In Search of Destiny: The Universe and Man written by Robert A. Welcome, algae are not a real plant because they aren’t growing in the ground. Moreover, he had mentioned that about 70,000 species of algae had estimated.
Did you all know that what is the functions of algae? Did algae contribute to human and environment?
Algae being environmentally friendly and are important to our earth. They are able to fight against the global warming, pollution, climate change and others environment problems by consuming the polluted gas carbon dioxide (〖CO〗_2), purifying the wastewater and generating ...

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My microalgae lamp absorbs CO2! - YouTube

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