Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart Essay examples

Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart Essay examples

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Things Fall Apart Essay
World Civilizations: Africa
3400: 290-004
The University of Akron – Fall Semester 2015
Professor Barnes
Kara Grossman

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe tries to bring back up cultural, social, and spiritual basics of traditional Igbo (Ibo) existence from the year 1850 and 1900. The novel cannot be fixed like other societal and political old times of Ibo society since it is a fictional novel. However, the novel describes disagreements and anxiety that occurred in Igbo society. It also shows changes initiated by colonial ruling and Christianity. Colonialism affected the people in the Ibo society by destroying of their family’s relationships, friendships, their religion or even created fights between the tribes. Additionally, Christianity attracted the people of the Igbo society. Igbo and other societies were changed considerably due to this variety of changes with the Europeans. A few societies expanded in dimension and authority, whereas others go through great losses in the course of slave invasion. Hostility also gets higher, and conflicts tactics that are distorted due to the use of weapons. From this, colonialism and Christian missionaries created a heavy impact on the Ibo society.
Things Fall Apart portrays a man named Okonkwo who is said to be extremely embarrassed of his own father that he wanted to be the exact opposite of him since his father, Unoka was lazy, thoughtless, and only lived day by day rather than thinking ahead (Achebe 4). Due to Okonkwo wanting to be the complete opposite of his father, he turned out to be a wealthy man with three wives and eight children. Okonkwo was also a warrior of the Umuofia clan. He was terrified to turn out like his father; his actions bring a lot of t...

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...agers lost their lives and some of them remain in prison due to their faithfulness toward their individual custom and ethnicity, relatively than the lately unavoidable British configuration. Additionally, spiritual conflict turned out to be wicked, and various inhabitants and followers lost their lives due to their incapability to adjust to change. Later, Okonkwo revealed the nastiest, which could take place to somebody who is incapable to remake once history forces change. As a result, his aggressive attitude to the missionaries conveys about his personal defeat.

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