Essay on Chinese vs British Training Styles

Essay on Chinese vs British Training Styles

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The history of modern media begins with the printed book, certainly a kind of
revolution, yet initially only a technical device for reproducing a range of texts the same
as, or similar to, what was already being extensively copied by hand. Only gradually
does printing lead to a change in content, more secular, practical and popular works as well as political and religious tracts, which played a part in the transformation of the medieval world. At an early date, laws were also printed by royal and other authorities.
Thus, there occurred a revolution of society in which printing played an inseparable
part. Over the past decades, the development of technology has made it easier for people to access different types of media such as television, internet, newspaper etc. Printed books, papers, news or letters date back to the 15th century. The history of printed media and written communication has changed and aims to fit in with the technological developments during the past years.

The successful application of print technology to the reproduction of texts in place of handwriting, about the mid-fifteenth century, was only the first step in the emergence of what we now call a ‘media institution', an organized set of interrelated activities and roles, directed towards certain goals and governed by a set of rules and procedures. Around 25,000-30,000 years ago B.C. first humans used to paint on cave walls pictures and silly marks; these silly marks represented their own way of communicating with the spiritual world and each other.Johann Gutenberg’s brilliant invention brought the creation of the first newspaper printed in Germany in 1609. Later, in 1702, England had the first printed daily newspaper. Printers were later tran...

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... because they determine everything, for instance, the future of these children as profesional athletes. Consequently, they are basically, 'sold' by their parents to the training school, because as mentioned by the writer in the article, they earn 'free meals and accomodation'.What is more concerning is that the writers suggests the fact that these children may not leave these schools until they reach their early twenties.As a result they lose the opportunity to live their childhood.
To sum up, the writer's biased view can be easily understand. My view over the regimes is influenced by the writing of this article, and as a result I may say that this is the purpose created by the writer. It is easy to influence the reader, because in the article there are more opinions than facts. Also, the images and the emotive language used enforce the biased view of the writer.

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