Chinese Traditions Cultural Values Of Children And Family Ties Essay

Chinese Traditions Cultural Values Of Children And Family Ties Essay

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The Chinese traditional values the father figure and sons to have a complete family. The figure 1 shows the huge role and value a father has in the family. The fatherhood is a famous tradition that has existed in Chinese tradition that gets passed from generation to generation (Lamb 228). The fatherhood tradition, has many prohibitions, for instance, the tradition prohibits a father seeking forgiveness to his sons among others. The father in Chinese traditions is the very noble person that should be above suspicion of committing errors it may offend the sons and the whole family. A situation is that a father has committed a crime, he should keep a low profile to avoid it being noticed to the sons and the family. The Chinese society has defined the word ‘crime ' and the mistakes that fall under the crime definition. I will discuss the Chinese fatherhood cultural values in relation to children and family ties.
“The Chinese custom shamelessly condemns the fathers seeking their sons’ intervention to be incorporated in the family (Lamb 230).” The tradition is special because it allows good morals within the Chinese families that translates to good morals to the Chinese community. Fathers have a major role in parenting in the Chinese community. The responsibilities of fathers are more than two-thirds of Chinese women with parenting in China. Fathers are disciplinarians, caregivers, and those that seek doctor 's intervention on behalf of the family. The fathers’ roles in Chinese have made them very respectable people in the society. The fathers also assist their children, especially sons in doing their homework consequently spending long hours with the family. Chinese community and traditions value families and formulate traditional c...

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...has the superior aspect of uniting the family, especially the sons. The father spends most of his free time with the sons and also participates in helping them work out their homework. The fatherhood tradition symbolizes family unity and significance of the father in nurturing the sons. It is important to share the story of fatherhood in the Chinese family for it is educative and offers emotional attachment to the cultivation of happiness in the family. The tradition has been interesting to my family considering the respect we have for our father. On the other hand, the father is supportive to us especially the sons. History demands that a father should not seek forgiveness to the sons upon conducting a crime. The tradition has improved our social lifestyle resulting in engaging in personalized talks and general forgiveness of minor crimes among the family members.

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