Essay on Chinese Taboo: Postpartum Recovery

Essay on Chinese Taboo: Postpartum Recovery

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Chinese Taboo: Postpartum Recovery
In Asian countries and some parts of Europe, people still practice postpartum recovery, based on the ground that post pregnancy recovery would help new mothers recover from exhausted state and promote breast milk. According to Yin and Yang theory in Chinese medicine, a month’s of rest and strictly nutritious diets is beneficial for new mothers to keep their Yin and Yang balance. In this paper, I am going to introduce how Chinese postpartum recovery processes in terms of diets, taboos, and popularities to arouse the significance of postpartum recovery.
What is Zuo Yue Zi?
The English term "Postpartum recovery" is translated into Chinese as "Zuo Yue Zi" (Chien, 2008), which is a traditional Chinese custom of confining new mothers to their home for a month. During the period of time, their mother-in-law or some nannies employed will take care of them, according to traditional Chinese medicine theories and certain diets. Herbs and dishes will help mother's recovery from losing of energy after spontaneous labor or cesarean section. In other words, the loss of energy is equivalent to the loss of Yang.
Lots of women consider the thirty days of confinement as suffering due to the monotonous food variety, while a few hold different opinions that they enjoy the 5 stars service of being taken care. During Zuo Yue Zi, women are not allowed to go outside to do exercise, take a bath, and eat cold food or food with cold features. "According to Chinese medical beliefs, all illnesses come about owing to the imbalance between Yin and Yang within a person. The imbalance can result from excess elements" (Matuszak, 2010). Therefore, in the belief of Chinese traditional values and fear of being ill, almost every w...

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