Essay on Chinese Students And Studying Abroad

Essay on Chinese Students And Studying Abroad

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As the number of Chinese students studying abroad increases, researchers pay attention to how Chinese students respond to their life in foreign countries, mainly in US, UK and Australia. Although the situations in different countries vary a numbr of accounts indicate Chinese students face common problems which make them feel stressed.
Lin (2007) made an investigation of a Chinese student organisation on the US campus of Midwest University, adopting participant observation, individual and focus group interviews to collect qualitative data. New students have both pre-arrival stress and post-arrival stress from culture shock, including language barriers, isolation, food and political discrimination. The study demonstrates that a student organisation is playing an important role to instruct newcomers to adjust to new surroundings and obtain the competence of fighting with culture shock. The researcher suggests providing international students social supports, orientation programmes and community-based programmes.
Yan and Berliner (2009) made an empirical research focusing on understanding the academic stress of Chinese international students in the United States. Their qualitative inquiry with interviews examines the great stress that students suffer in academic lives in US. Students have high expectation and requirements of themselves for their study, while they find it difficult to interact and communicate effectively with American professors. Moreover, students are concerned about their low communicative skills and the difference in educational system between China and US.
Wang and Mallinckrodt (2006) made a study on the basis of a process model of acculturation and interpersonal exploration in adult attachment with 104 Chinese ...

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... the difficulties in adjusting to daily life, and is negatively correlated to the course grade.
The research reviewed on Chinese students studying in the UK and USA indicate that students experience pressures and have a tough time when they first stay in a strange country. The students and their parents have high expectations, while the intensive life of study gives them no chance to have a break. Because of the relationship between stress and wellbeing, students have deficits in psychological development and social reactions. They show a preference to socialise only with Chinese students and seal themselves in a limited space. While there are a lot of studies that confirm these levels of stress, there appears to be few works that link whether students can or cannot cope with this level of stress and changes by looking at the nature of their high school experiences.

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