Essay on Chinese Reform: Problems Of Post-Communism

Essay on Chinese Reform: Problems Of Post-Communism

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China as a Communist country is at the cross roads of reform versus traditional Communist values. In fact, in 2012, the World Bank published an impressive report asserting that the People’s Republic of China needs to reform, or it faces total ruin (Brinkley 26). Alarming as this may sound, China has long been on this road of eventual destruction or salvation since 1978. Former Chinese President Hu Jintao even went so far as to acknowledge this fact by saying, “We should separate government administration from the management of enterprises, state assets, public institutions, and social organizations” (Brinkley 27). This comes as no surprise to many, considering China is no longer functioning as a true communist state. China is in this crisis for many reasons, one specifically being religious reform and practice under the watchful eye of the state. In recent decades, the Chinese government has been exercising its own forms of controlled religion for the purpose of creating social harmony and progress (Fallman 951). However, religion, even when controlled by the government, goes against the essential pillars of Communism and causes internal instability among believers (Nanbu 225; Fallman 959). Therefore, it is necessary for China to reform to prevent chaos in the interest of the people. If China reformed its government toward democracy and implemented religious freedom, this would dramatically affect the country and the rest of the world. Not only would political tensions ease with the U.S. and her allies, but the relationship between North Korea and the rest of the world will change. However, in order to understand how a reformed China will change the world, it is necessary to analyze in depth why China needs to reform in the first ...

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