Chinese Immigrants During The Australian Gold Rush Essay

Chinese Immigrants During The Australian Gold Rush Essay

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In 1851 there was a period in Australia called The Australian Gold Rush that lasted 25 years. Gold was so easily found that the news travelled and spread quickly all around the world. Due to its value and availability, soon enough different nationalities mainly Chinese and European people were attracted to looking out for this gold. Many people migrated to Australia to seize this opportunity to improve their lives, however, they also had difficulties during their migration and settlement.
The aim of this paper is to discuss the experiences of the Chinese immigrants during the Australian gold rush period by looking at the challenges they faced and how they overcame it as well as the role they partake in building Australian society, and in shaping Australia to a truly multicultural society. There are four significant points during the Australian gold rush event, such as Chinese immigrants journey to Australia; cultural and linguistic barriers that they experienced; the competition with foreigners who seek for gold and secure jobs; and achievements in overcoming the difficulties and turning Australia into a multicultural society.
The gold rush that happened across Australia has contributed significantly towards Australian economic growth during the period. It resulted in the mass migration coming into Australia from European and Asian countries. China was one of the countries with highest number of immigrants. According to Crissman, Beattie, and Selby (1985, p. 181) the Chinese came starting from the discovery of gold in South-Eastern Colonies. There were notes and records indicating approximately 200,000 Chinese immigrants during the gold rush period (Crissman, 1991). Dreaming for a better life and hope of accumulating wealth in Au...

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...e 2013). Moreover, Chinese also helped Australia becoming a multicultural society. Thus, many of Chinese immigrants became succesful and took part of multiculturalism which has become an important part of Australia.
In conclusion, this paper explored the experiences of Chinese migrants during Australian gold rush period. The Chinese immigrants had many difficulties in following their decision to come to Australia. Furthermore, they were living in Australia under miserable conditions and had to suffer and sacrifice a lot. They were also discriminated against by other foreigners and locals. Despite of their difficulties, they were hard working people and strive to pursue their dreams. As a result, many of them became successful and had been able to accumulate a lot of wealth. Furthermore, their existence has contributed in shaping Australia as multicultural country.

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