Essay on The Chinese Girl From The Documentary

Essay on The Chinese Girl From The Documentary

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Chances are – you have at least one sibling (if you’re American) . Chances are even greater that they have something they can do way better than you. Don’t worry however, you probably have something you excelled in, that your sibling didn’t. Think about why it might have been your forte. Was it because what your siblings were good at was already taken? Now consider this: what if you were an only child? Instead of having one thing to be good at, you would probably be multi-faceted. This is the case of the Chinese girl from the documentary, 2 Million Minutes, who is an only child, and is indisputably amazing. 2 Million Minutes follows 6 different students – a boy and a girl from America, China, and India – as they apply to colleges. The documentary shows how the students in China and India have a leg up on the American students. The Chinese girl has more than intelligence; she is a virtuoso, and a ballet dancer on top of that. She attributed her many talents to the fact that her parents invested all that they could into her since she is their only child. Having siblings (or the lack of) inarguably affects your personality, but it also affects what skills you develop, and how successful you are in school, and eventually in life.
The effects of having siblings can be seen early on in children. According to Dr. Nina Howe, and Dr. Holly Recchia, there are four main parts of a sibling relationship in the early stages. The first one is that sibling interactions tend to be “strong, uninhibited emotions of a positive, negative and sometimes ambivalent quality”. The second one is based around the fact that siblings have such a tight bond from the fact that they spend all their time with each other. The third is that each sibling will have...

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...been because your sibling was already really good at something else. And maybe the reason why you didn’t do as well as they did at something was because it wasn’t worth competing for – they were already so good at it, you couldn’t compare. But if it was only you, there would be no discouragement to try something else. Your parents wouldn’t compare your skills at to your sibling, because you don’t have a sibling. This breaks away the boundaries and the constraints that families with more than one kid have. If you’re an only child, the reason why you decide you don’t decide to pursue an interest would have to do with whether you enjoyed it, and less because your sibling was already good at it. The real reason why some kids do so well in school, while others don’t, has more to do with the competition between their siblings, and less to do with their actual skill level.

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