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Chinese Food As A Chinese Cuisine Essays

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Around the globe, people are very fond to try and experience food they 've never tasted. Sometimes your own ethnic food and taste can seem boring to you at a certain amount of time. When that happens, it 's the time to actually go out there and find an ethnic food that catches your attention. One of the most popular ethnic foods in America is a Chinese cuisine. People are so blindly in love with it, they can 't seem to notice that the tradition Chinese food isn 't the authentic food as it is in China. As compared to American food that goes overseas, they 've lost their authenticity as well as Chinese food in America due to many valid reasons. In fact, the authentic Chinese food has its own way of figuring out how the food differs from an Americanized Chinese cuisine to an Authentic Chinese cuisine consumed daily by people in China. In article “Chinese food in America vs Chinese food in China” by Xiaoyu Yan explains how it’s impossible to identify the taste of authentic Chinese food because people’s tastes in different regions can tremendously be different in China. For example, many states in south China, such as Yunnan, and Hunan, are famous for their spicy food. People in the northeast China are more likely to add soybeans so their food turns out saltier and darker in color. People Shanghai are well known as for having a ‘sweet tooth’ such as eating foods that are sweet in taste. In easier terms, the traditional authentic Chinese has its own way of representing its food by different regions taste buds and how each individual region is known by different taste buds such as sweet, spicy or sour. In contrast to American food overseas, they have their own way of figuring out the authentic American food by the meat products they us...

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... may stand out to be distinguished due to different circumstances, yet it 's still not authentic. For example, how they prepare the item, the ingredients they use, and their history background. Some of them depending on their country’s regions, other have a mixtures of different cuisines, and some like Chinese cuisine are the ones that stand for themselves of having special things that make it unique and appealing. On the hand, the only thing is that authenticity is the actual ethnic food that is served in its native country. In contrast to American food overseas, they have their own way of figuring out the authentic American food by the meat products they use to prepare the food. In other words, why is there a lack of authenticity of ethnic Chinese food in America compared to American food overseas? Because of the main parts which are ingredients and cooking methods

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