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The Chinese Dragon Kings
The Chinese Dragon Kings are also known as Long-wang. They are the mythical creatures of Taoism who are in charge of two very different elements. Long-wang is ruled by Yuanshi Tian-Zong, the Celestial Venerable of the Primordial Beginning, or they are ruled by Yu Huang, also known as the Jade Emperor. The dragons report to them once a year (Hatshepsut). Chinese mythology and culture is full of unique dragons.
There are many different kinds of dragons in Chinese mythology. Each is different in the way they look and the powers they possess. The horned dragon is the most powerful of the dragons. They control rain but they are completely deaf. The spiritual dragon creates wind and rain for the good of the people. The coiling dragon lives in the water. The yellow dragon has control over the elements of writing. It was given this gift from the legendary Emperor Fu Shi. The dragon of hidden treasures guards the concealed wealth of the people. The Celestial dragon is the protector and the supporter of the Mansion the gods live in. It is also the face of China. The Celestial dragon is the symbol of the Chinese race. There is also a winged dragon and the last dragon is the Dragon King. The Dragon King is actually 4 different dragons that rule the 4 seas (Crystal). The four dragon brothers, Ao Ming (or Ao Shun), Ao K’in (or Ao Qin), Ao Guang and Ao Ji, control all of the water and rain in the world (McCormick). Each dragon is stationed on different parts of the sea. Ao Ming is in charge of the North Sea, Ao K’in is ruler of the South Sea, Ao Guang is stationed in the East Sea and the West Sea is controlled by Ao Ji (Smith 130-131). These dragons are called upon by the people for help in times of drought and are or...

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...hy of their throne. There are many different dragon kings with many unique characteristics and personalities. I am glad that their powers are used for the good of the people on this earth.

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