Essay Chinese Cultural Perspective And Meaning Of Chinese Keyword

Essay Chinese Cultural Perspective And Meaning Of Chinese Keyword

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Chinese Cultural perspective and meaning of Chinese keyword “仁(ren)”
Keyword, literately meaning they are the representative of the entire body of the certain knowledge to which they are related. Similarly, cultural keywords in a language are words which are significant in that language, and reflect the culture of the given language. (Wierzbicka 1997) This paper will focus on one of the Chinese keywords: “仁(ren)”, and argue the meaning and Chinese cultural perspective on “仁(ren)”. This is analysed in comparing the explanations and translations in related literature. Additionally, scholars agree with the fact that the interpretation of cultural keyword has become a major difficulty for outsiders to understand, because it has an inseparable association with given core culture. Cortazzi and Shen (2001) demonstrate that Chinese native speakers have more elaborate awareness of six Chinese keywords than the foreign language learners. It reveals a fact that cultural keywords are difficult for outsiders to learn because of its problematic explanation.
As an essential tool for publicizing culture, language, particularly some words or phrases are highly equivalent to the given culture. Therefore, translators have faced a problem which is shown as hard to find the equivalent word in the target language. To be more specific, the following paragraph will emphasize more examples about the deviate translation or could say untranslatable words or phrases between Chinese and English in general. The first example that is not translatable into English is a Chinese idiom “龙腾虎跃”. It is known that the Chinese character “龙”could be translated into “dragon”, however, the entire phrase could not be literally translated as “dragon rising and tigers leap...

... middle of paper ...

... It is clear that some part of the original meaning has absent.
To conclude, cultural keyword is a word which is a significant concept in that language, and could imply their peculiar culture. Besides, there might have deviant translations because the difference in traditional culture, social culture, ecological and geographical culture. This paper has discussed the Chinese keyword: “仁/ren”, which has revealed Chinese Confucianism culture and indicate a way for Chinese to deal with the interrelationship. As a result of these cultural differences, there have several deviant English translation versions. Thus, it is difficult for foreign learners to develop a deep understanding of the real cultural concept behind the“仁/ren”. In the future study, researchers should raise their awareness to reduce the embedded and overlapping meanings of the “仁/ren” as far as possible.

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