The Chinese American Of The United States Essay

The Chinese American Of The United States Essay

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The Chinese american were the first ever Asian descendent to enter the United States. They were treated poorly and were undermined. The Japanese were the second to enter the U.S. and believed they were better than the Chinese. After the banning of Asian descent from entering the United States Japanese argued that they were a much better race than the Chinese. Then last but not least Filipino’s migrated to the United States due to the banned of Chinese workers. They all were motivated to escape their poor and struggling surrounding so that they can come to American to earn and support their families from the land of opportunities.
In 1848 the discovery of gold sparked interest in the poor and poverty stricken southeastern Chinese with the hope of a better life and the American dream who then migrated to the United States to work in the mines and later on the railroads. The men that migrated did not intend to settle and seek resident in the united states but they just wanted to work and support their family back home. This led the Chinese to be more resistant to adapt to the western ways and culture. The Chinese were seen as a very inexpensive labor and people that would work no matter the situation or how dangerous it might be. They were faced with prejudice in the court as well as street due to the Chinese and Japanese posing an economical threat because Chinese were competing in the job market with the Irish Americans while the Japanese were competing against white farmers in the agricultural business. The small percentage Japanese were dominating more than half of the agricultural products in California. They were facing racial prejudice because of job competition in the economy while the Filipinos were prejudiced against beca...

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...n. Filipino man started to face institutional prejudice as well as street. In the 1934 congress passed the act of which limits Filipino immigrants to 50 men annually. This is virtually the banning of immigration from the philopians. After this the Filipinos were considered to be Mangolo which was a death secentce because it means that they were no longer Mala race as well as simie us citizen but were considered Chinese. The Mala race was used to diffriuatuate the Filipino man from the Chinese. Congress promised and granted the independence of the Filipinos which also mean that they no long are simie American citizen and now have to apply for passport and visa if they wanted to come to the United States which made it difficult. This was due to the sexual competition between the Filipino man and white man and not due to job competition like the Chinese and Japanese.

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