Essay about China's Plan to Combat Climate Change

Essay about China's Plan to Combat Climate Change

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China uses a large amount of fossil fuels everyday, which leads to much of their pollution. This year, their air pollution spiked at the high 500s on China's government index, which is more than double of the 202 high in 2008 (Bettina Wassener, The New York Times). China is in the process of expanding their renewable resources by using the Gobi desert to build six wind farms, which is equal to 16 coal-burning plants, so that they are more sustainable (Keith Bradsher, The New York Times). Also, recently the U.S. And China have teamed up to combat global warming Renewable energy can also come from dams such as on the Mekong river, but it affects more than just China but other countries that use the river as well (Thomas Fuller, The New York Times). Also, recently the US and China have teamed up to combat global warming (Bryan Walsh, Time).
In “A Call for Hong Kong to Clean the Air,” Wassner writes that many sports and outdoor activities have been cancelled due to the poor air quality. She also said that forty percent of Hong Kong companies have had trouble recruiting people to work for them and are offering jobs to foreigners with added higher pay. In the article, Jonathan Stone said that, “If half the pollution you can see here in Hong Kong is Hong Kong-generated, then there is a great deal that can be done domestically to reduce pollution.” Mainland China by comparison has more air pollution than Hong Kong, but mainland China is taking a more aggressive approach to fixing the problem, said Wassner.
China who was once building up to two coal-burning plants a week has brought that down to no more than one, at a rate that is steadily declining (Keith Bradsher, The New York Times). In the article, “Green Power Takes Root in the C...

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...hing is connected. If we add or subtract from an ecosystem it is sure to have some sort of impact, whether is is realized at the time or not.

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