China's One-Child Policy: Influences and Impacts Essay

China's One-Child Policy: Influences and Impacts Essay

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China’s one-child policy has interesting origins. Although,” China’s fertility rate began to fall in the 1960’s, there was no national policy aiming for a population of smaller families until 1971. In 1979, “Wan Xi Shao”, a program that encouraged later marriage, longer birth intervals between births and fewer children is what evolved to the well-known “one-child policy”.”(Gilbert, 24) Under the one-child policy, couples are given incentives to have a single child. Couples who pledge to have a single child receive monthly allowances for child support until the child reaches the age of fourteen. “Along with the money received monthly, they are promised more spacious housing and higher pensions for retirement”(Gilbert, 24). However, for those couples who have more than one child, the policy requires them to pay higher taxes and pay for full costs for medical and education. As incentives and disincentives begin to play strong roles in the policy, it has created a massive change in the culture. One of the worst and most known result of the one-child policy is the culture’s increased value of men. It is a policy that has brought infant neglect, sex-selective abortions and sexual discrimination against women. China’s one-child policy is not only a huge violation of women’s rights but, has brought many big problems between men and women in China and should be brought to an end.
China’s one-child policy has violated women’s rights for years. It has caused women to go into hiding, suffer abortions and limit them to having only one child. With family planning officials out looking for women who are pregnant with their second child, women and their children are put into danger. Women who become pregnant often leave their family behind and g...

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...use they have no control over their family and what they want.

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