China's Massive Pollution Problem Essay

China's Massive Pollution Problem Essay

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China has overtaken Germany as the world’s top exporter of goods, which marks another breakthrough in China’s rise to the top and its ever growing economic influence. As China’s exports rise to the highest in the world, its pollution is too. Judith Shapiro, the director of the Masters in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development for the School of International Service at American University, states that with “20 of the World’s 30 most polluted cities [residing] in China” it is an easy task to see the severity of pollution (Sharpiro). In order to rise to its high economic position China’s government ignored pollution regulations, allowing the release of waste into the air and water to skyrocket. Lee Liu, Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Central Missouri, discuses that pollution has increased to the point where it has caused “459 cancer villages across 29 of China’s 31 provincial units” (9). Cancer villages are small communities near pollution creating factories where cancer rates have soared far above the national average. China’s lack of environmental law enforcement is the reason for its large increase of water and air pollution, which is the cause of the cancer villages.
China’s number one goal has been grow first and clean up later, which has led to the increase in air pollution. Emily Rauhala, Associate Editor at the Hong Kong TIME, reports that, even with “Lung-cancer rates jumping 60% in a period of 10 years,” China has only announced a new blueprint for cleaning the pollution and no other actions have been made (Rauhala). The severity of China’s pollution was recently brought to the media’s attention by an eight year old girl who was diagnosed with lung cancer. Rauhala also...

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