China’s Investment in Africa Essay

China’s Investment in Africa Essay

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In the global media and especially in the US print media, there is hardly a single day that passes without the mentioning of China and either its internal affairs, or its dealings with one country or the other. China has become a resounding theme in current affairs because of its new role as a sponsor and a facilitator of growth and development projects in developing countries. The one particular region in the world where China’s influence has recently grown to be pervasive is Africa. This influence however faces a collar-grabbing excoriation from the media, from the West and from the World in general. Conversely, sincere opinions from other onlookers are of deep praise for the good and needed support that China is currently giving to African countries. This dual view of China’s development work in Africa has led to a Ying and Yang identity for her, naturally, and may possibly be slowing down the full potential of Chinese investment and development projects on the continent. This paper in response, aims to bring forth a more crystallized review and understanding of China’s role in Africa by seeking out both the positives and the negatives in the enactment of China’s role, and elucidating whether it has brought forth growth and or development.

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