China's Emerging Culture Essay

China's Emerging Culture Essay

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In my treatise I will examine and explain how the Chinese emerged as the world’s largest and sophisticated civilization and the effect it had on the rest of East Asia. Starting from the Neolithic and Bronze ages; touching on important dynasties and their roles, certain philosophies and cultural changes from about 10,000 B.C.E. - 233 B.C.E. I also am going to give my understanding of Buddhism and how it spread thru not only China but all of East Asia. I will describe East Asia from 800-1400 A.D. Finally looking into the cultures that emerged as well as the economic expenditures that shaped the know world as a whole thru the trade goods and the exchange of cultures.
China’s emerging civilizations really began to take shape with the Shang Dynasty and the Zhou Dynasty. Although the Shang Dynasty laid the foundation for future dynasties to rule, China was already established are far as agriculture with the cultivation of rice and the domestication of dogs, pigs and cattle during the Neolithic and Bronze ages. One of the most important things to happen during this period was the evidence of writing. The invention of writing had enormous denouement on the culture and government of China. The literacy of the Chinese enabled Rulers to communicate efficiently with military commanders and governors far away from the palaces. Japan, Korea, and Vietnam all read Chinese writing. Thus making it possible for people from different countries and who spoke different languages able to communicate.
The Zhou Dynasty rose against and defeated the Shang Dynasty around 1050 B.C.E. Three early rulers of Zhou are accredited with expanding the Zhou Empire. Under King Wen the Zhou where the first to transmit text into books; he was also know...

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...piritualized and industrialized. With the invention of writing in the Shang Dynasty this increased the area to which one could rule sending messages to distant territories. The trade of Silk throughout Asia and Europe; made it accessible for different cultures to exchange ideas and philosophies while also boosting its economy to the top. China’s creation of the civil service examines made job opportunities more competitive thus shaping ways in which we view a college education today. The transcribing of Buddhist text to Chinese along with traveling priests and missionaries help transcend this religion to become the most practiced in all of East Asia and it still holds true today. I believe the major theme of these chapters covered was the intellectual, Spiritual and industrial gains that were made over the millennium boosting to the top of the world economy.

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