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According to the World Bank , China is still a developing country due to its unsatisfactory market reforms and per capita income in comparison to developed countries (News Xinhuanet, 2002). However, it has endured high economic growth in recent years, having reached all the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) while also accelerating in its social development, including the status of women. On an international scale, the problem of equality appears to be solved. Since the Mao Dynasty, the status of women has been treated as a conquered problem with the creation of the 1995 Women’s Federation for example, although many hardships and social pressures continue for women in present day China . This paper will argue that although China is an advanced developing country and has implemented policies that improved the status of women through Mao Zedong, inequality reigns in women’s political representation, education, and socioeconomic structure.
History of Status of Women
Brought forth by Mao, communism was seen as the light and innovation women needed to rise above the oppression in spite of Mao’s "villain" status in history (Fulton, 2000). His reign starved many of his people physically and mentally with his "misguided policies" and killing sprees throughout the "golden age", from 1950-1952 (Fulton, 2000). Despite this,, the status of women was a prominent issue and concern for Mao because gender equality was within his goal to eliminate oppression.
An example of oppression that women endured was foot-binding, which was an ancient practice that would bandage the girl 's feet from a young age to keep them small. The result was uncomfort and constant pain throughout a woman 's life as well as additional pres...

... middle of paper ... of meeting the needs and interests of women in politics wavers. One of the ways to implement representation of women in politics is through organizations. Organizations have the goal to “carry out independent, autonomous and effective work to satisfy the needs of the majority of women” (HM Quoted in Zhou 2003). The participation is what is important yet 95% of the heads of government agencies are male along with 85% of the heads of parties and organizations already put in place while only a feeble 30% of bureaucracy, is female (Howell, 2003). Women who are leaders are not "necessarily representing the interests of Chinese women because they are not elected by the people but rather, appointed by the party/state" furthermore, the women who have other positions in power seem to be trying to appease an image of representation and hold no true power (Zhou, p.74, 2003).

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