China 's Economic Impact On China Essay

China 's Economic Impact On China Essay

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China is a great country that has existed for thousands of years. Despite the problems that China has faced such as war, poverty, and starvation, it has continued to move forward today. However, China has grown so fast economically over the past fifty years to the point where it has become the second largest economy in the world. China has achieved this economic state due to Marxism, which states the belief that there should be no social classes other than the working class, and thus getting there by using several political, economic, and social theories. Though China’s economic success has relied on the ideals of Marxism, the means by which China operates today are very controversial in the eyes of human rights groups. In general, human rights groups defend the natural rights of people that have no say in a government like that of the Chinese. Because of this, human rights groups and China often disagree with one another over their political, economic, and social ideological differences. Interestingly, though, both China and human rights groups each have their own positions on their beliefs, even if it means constant conflict with one another.
One of the leading conflicts between China and human rights groups deals with politics. Since the 1950’s, China has adopted a communist government consisting of a single-party that has the most power. The Communist Party, which came into absolute power in China during the 1950’s due to their victory in the Chinese Civil War, governs the entire country as stated in China’s constitution. Before China’s civil war, which destroyed most of the country, the Communist Party became favorable to the people by promising to get rid of an opposing nationalist party that followed the ideals of imperia...

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...en prosperous despite the many struggles it has faced over many years. China today is no exception, even despite having a government that has different political, social, and economical beliefs that may not always be the best for its people. For this reason, human rights groups stand their ground and serve their purpose to be the mind of a people that has no say in the actions of their country. Though China’s government may impose harsh policies and limits on their people such as the One Child Policy, it is important to note that there is a reason for all of that. For the Chinese government, such policies are necessary for the stability of a growing country, even if they may seem unethical for human rights groups. Sometimes, it is necessary to put the end first without paying attention to the means, something of which China will continue to do for many years to come.

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