China: Language, Family Life, Decision Marker Role and Social Customs Essay

China: Language, Family Life, Decision Marker Role and Social Customs Essay

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On our group project we came up with the idea to do Chinese culture because it is very diverse. While researching and finding all the things the paper needed to include we realized that it would be difficult. Not only because they are diverse but because it is a blend of four different categories. As you continue to read on in our paper you will learn many unique things from the language, family life, decision maker role, and social customs.
The marriage and family life in China is very distinct to what it was years back. The urban economy and culture are moving in the direction of those of developed countries, as the rural economy shifts from being agriculture-dominated to one co-buttressed by agriculture and industry. Owing to these factors, marriage and the family are believed to be taking on diverse trends in China's rural and urban regions. Nuclear families are increasing and a household is starting to consist of three to four members. Marriage expectations have changed with improved living conditions. Too many of the people in china income, housework, and procreation are no longer top priorities; now it is about having a loving, caring, understanding spouse. Woman now share a part in making home decisions the man might be the head but his wife has equal say so. The Chinese have become more liberal or open minded to many things. (
There are many types of religions in China. The main ones include Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism, and Protestantism. Citizens in China can openly choose what religion they want to be and how they want to express it. There are over 100 million followers of various religious faiths, more than 85,000 sites for religious activities, some 300,000 clergy and over 3,000 r...

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... the patient will have to boil it. Then there is the distinctive method of preparation, associated with the acupuncture and massage, the treatment will take effect magically. ( Today, though western medicine has been adopted, traditional treatments are still playing an important role and have raised great attention and interest worldwide due to the amazing curative effects reported.
Medical assistants should be aware of every culture they are dealing with not only Chinese people; because it is good to know how to treat people of that culture. With Chinese it is particular since they are not use to being going to that type of doctor. They are use to the care back home where the medical doctor goes through four steps and all the medicine is mainly natural and they go through a specific process to be able to take it.

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