China Is Violation Of Another Human Right ; Reproductive Rights Essay

China Is Violation Of Another Human Right ; Reproductive Rights Essay

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China is in violation of another human right; reproductive rights. A subset of human rights under The United Nations, seen as a mainly as woman’s issue, the rights do set responsibil-ity of family size, the spacing of children and composition with the family itself, without any of-ficial government influence. The document further states that these rights are to be enjoyed, “free of discrimination, coercion and violence” (“United Nations Population Division”). Amy Hamp-ton wrote an article that appeared in the University of Tulsa’s School of Law providing an en-hanced explanation of reproductive rights and directly confronts the use of forced abortions that China has been accused of using to reach population goals: “…giving birth is a basic human right and is not to be interfered with by government.” The article also states “to punish a woman and her unborn child for a natural consequence often beyond their control is the epitome of cruelty” (Hampton).
Violations of Reproductive Rights. Examples: Enforcement of Family Policy
The torture of Mao Henfeng (no relation to Chairman Mao is evident) a Shanghai activist illustrates the length the Beijing government will go to enforce its population policy. According to the House of Representatives Committee on International Relations/China hearing, the follow-ing was brought to light: In the late 1980’s, being pregnant for the second time, Mrs. Mao was admitted to a psychiatric hospital against her will (without due process), during her stay drugs were administered to induce an abortion, these drugs failed. Mrs. Mao later became pregnant again, this time around, a judge told her the court would rule in her favor concerning wrongful termination from her job as a result of her last pregnanc...

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...laim has validity. Although there was an investigation in the 1990’s where Japanese investigators concluded that evidence exist that there was coercion of women to become comfort women. The official Japanese policy regarding the drafting of com-fort women is: “…there is no hard archival evidence that women were forcibly ‘taken’ to work in the comfort stations…” (Han and Lee), which equals official denial.
China’s Progress on Human Rights Regarding Health Services
China has made improvements in the area of human rights however, more needs to be done. For example, while access to health services such as medical and dental has been increased, the technology behind those services are not to western standards. Moreover, to receive an ap-pointment in timely and cost effective manner, it is who you know. I have first-hand knowledge on how both of those conditions play out.

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